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  • Dried Leaves

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  • Dried Soursop Leaves

    Fresh farm grown soursop (guanabana, graviola) leaves dried using envirotech technology. These leaves are never heated above 43 degrees during the drying process which delivers a superb quality dried leaf...
  • Dried Lemon Myrtle Leaves

    Australian native lemon myrtle leaves make a refreshing herbal tea, rich in citral.  Add the dried leaf to casseroles and soups for sophisticated lemon flavour and aroma. 50gm
  • Dried Papaya Leaf

    Commonly known as pawpaw, the carica papaya leaf has been found to contain many beneficial enzymes and phytochemicals.  Infuse as a herbal tea. 50gm
  • Dried Casimiroa Leaves

    Leaf tea from farm-grown Casimiro (white sapote).  This tea has traditionally been used to support and is widely reputed to have a moderate calmative and relaxing effect. 50gm
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