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Pure Avocado Face Oil

Pure Avocado Face Oil

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Nourish your skin naturally. Our pure, fine grade avocado oil is easily absorbed and provides maximum benefits for the health of your skin. 

Rich in vitamins, minerals, fruit acids and anti-oxidants, this exceptionally light natural oil is renowned for its ability to quickly penetrate the outer layers of the skin and rehydrate without leaving a greasy residue.


- Rich in Oleic acid, which increases moisturisation

- Improve skin structure

- Increases skin elasticity and slowing down depleting collagen levels 

- Improves blood circulation 

- Helps calm inflamed skin 

- Suitable for all skin types 

- Use on face, neck and decolletage

- All natural 

- Hand crafted 

- Cruelty-free and vegan

- Not tested on animals 

- Paraben-free 

- Australian owned 

- Safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding 



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