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  • Avocado Body Moisturiser

    A rich all over body moisturiser with 25% avocado oil.  Rehydrate and help your skin look radiant all over.  200ml Available for immediate delivery 
  • Avocado Body Oil

    Moisturise Naturally.  Treat your whole body to the rich moisturising and nourishing benefits of natural avocado oil.   The ultimate all-over body oil that will leave your skin feeling softer...
  • Avocado Body Shampoo

    Moisturise and Hydrate Naturally.  Combining the rich moisturising properties of avocado oil with Vitamin E to gently but thoroughly cleanse your skin, without harsh soaps or chemicals.  Benefits: - Rich...
  • Avocado Face Moisturiser

    Available for immediate delivery  Your journey to skin hydration starts here.  Our Avocado face moisturiser is formulated with 25% pure natural avocado oil to quickly penetrate the skin and reduce the signs of...
  • Avocado Face Wash
    Sold Out

    Avocado Face Wash

    The wholesome benefits of pure avocado and macadamia oils combined to gently but thoroughly cleanse your skin, without harsh chemicals or soaps. 200ml
  • Avocado Soap - 100gm

    This fine quality face and body boxed soap are enriched with pure avocado oil to gently moisturise and soften as it cleanses. Benefits: - Moisturise naturally  - Suitable for face...
  • Avocado Soap - 50gm

    This fine quality soap is enriched with pure avocado oil to gently moisturise and soften as it cleanses.  Benefits: - Moisturise naturally  - Suitable for face and body - Not...
  • Hand Creme Hand Creme
    Sold Out

    Hand Creme

    Moisturise naturally with our Avocado hand creme.  Enriched with 25% pure Avocado Oil to penetrate the skin quickly and to gently moisturize, without leaving a greasy residue.   30ml
  • Luxury Travel Pack

    Enjoy our Luxury Tropicology essentials pack.  Contains Large Avocado 'art-series' zippered bag Contains 100gm Avocado soap 30ml Pure Avocado body oil 15ml Avocado Facial Moisturiser  (please note current packs don't contain...
  • Pure Avocado Face Oil

    Nourish your skin naturally. Our pure, fine grade avocado oil is easily absorbed and provides maximum benefits for the health of your skin.  Rich in vitamins, minerals, fruit acids and anti-oxidants,...
  • Travel Essentials Pack

    Care for your skin with these conveniently sized skincare essentials from Tropicology. Contains 50 gm Avocado soap 30ml Face Moisturiser 15ml Face Wash  30ml Body Oil Large zip purse  (pictured with...
  • Unisex Travel Pack

    Neat little purse pack to suit your travel needs.   Contains Pure Avocado Oil 30ml Avocado Body Moisturiser 15ml Avocado Soap 50gm  * Pictured with Lip Balm but comes with Body Moisturiser 

For over 20 years, Tropical Fruit World has produced the Tropicology range of skincare.

All Tropicology products are formulated from natural avocado oil, cold-pressed to delivery optimal cellular nutrients. 

Avocado Oil based products offer rich moisturising properties to rival other brands in the niche and natural skincare market.

Rich in vitamins, minerals, fruit acids and antioxidants, this unique fruit in oil form is renowned for its ability to help your skin stay smooth, strong and elastic. Not only will it provide deep moisturisation, it will prevent and treat skin conditions, fight the signs of aging, and heal wounds faster by boosting the collagen density and tensile strength of the skin.


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